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Cyber Security-Basic Terms And Concepts

Here, let’s talk about cybersecurity at a very high level and we will look at the purpose of security in different sectors like medical, banking and education. If you have done any reasearch about security in general, then you probably have seen these terms very frequently:

-Information Security (INFOSEC)
-Information Assurance (IA)
-Systems Security
-Cyber Security

In this way, there are so many different names and terms that apply to pretty much the same thing. At a very deep technical levels, there are certainly differences between information security and Information Assurance but at a very high level there’s not much difference. You’ll still focused on same thing

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security can be defined as the techniques and practises designed to protect data. And, when we talk about data, it means the digital data or the data that are stored, transmitted or used in a Information system. After all that’s what the attakers are after. And, the network or the computers or the servers or any of those things are mechanisms to get those data.

You must have hear these:

“I need to lock down the computer or I need to change my password or I need to do all those things right”

These are all protective mechanism to keep people from accessing data. So, when a hacker or an attacker is coming into your system or trying to get something, they’re trying to get the data and remember they’re not trying to get your computer, they’re not trying to get your phone. They are just trying to get your data and that’s exactly what we are trying to protect.

So, what we are protecting the data is from unauthorized access, unauthorised modification and unauthorised deletion. Here, We will discuss the terms confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. Those three terms are pretty synonymous with security. And, they are the core priniciple of security. When we’re talking about unauthorised acccess, it means we’re talking about, we don’t want people to see data, which is kept confidential. We don’t want anyone to modify the data to maintain integrity and lastly we don’t want anybody to delete the data for availability.


On reading theoretically, the term seems to be pretty simple but wait, it is actually very complex when you actually wanna implement these on an Information system. Unauthorised access, modifcation and deletion are the major terms that we actually explain here.

Caption: CIA Triad
Picture Credit: Imagexmedia

Here, are some terms used in Cyber Security:

  1. Anti-Virus Software
  2. Anti-Spyware Software
  3. Firewall
  4. Updates
  5. Login Name and User Name
  6. Threat
  7. Vulnerability
  8. Penetration Test
  9. Authentication
  10. Authorization
  11. Identity
  12. Environmental Security
  13. Physical Security
  14. Allowded IP address list
  15. Internet Security Suite
  16. Site Advisor
  17. Exploit
  18. Cryptography


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