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Are You Adventurous? Know Different Types of Adventure Sports For Upcoming Vacation.

Most people got busy on their daily routine of a 9-to-5 job, which make them mundane and tiresome. Doing the same work on a regular basis makes everyone feel bored and monotonous. Therefore, sometimes, you need to a jolt of adrenaline to refresh your senses. And, a good adventure sport can help make you feel alive again.

Here is a list of adventure sports all over the world for your upcoming vacation, which will satisfy your cravings for more thrill.

1. Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is the age-old go-to adventure sport. Tie a rope around your waist, trust that it will save you and jump from a cliff shouting your lungs out. You are in freefall until the harness gives you a ‘tug’ that pulls you back up again.

2. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is a relatively calm adventure sport, but it is physically engaging and exciting nevertheless. Scuba diving lets you spend some serene, quiet time underwater, marvelling at nature’s beauty and marine life. Add this sport to your list of extreme sports regardless and witness the amazing world that lies beneath the water. A training session is all you need to dive underwater and see the amazing life that flourishes in the marine ecosystem.

3. Zorbing

This adventurous sports will make you feel rather childish and in fact take you back to your childhood days, Zorbing gives you an experience that is irreplaceable. Get inside the giant plastic ball and roll down the hill while shouting at the top of your lungs.

4. Mountain Biking

When talking about different types of adventure sports, the list would be incomplete without mountain biking. A sport that satisfies the hunger for height, speed, and a ton of kick, it sure will get your heart racing, quite literally.

5. Rock Climbing

In Rock climbing, you will climb massive monolithic rocks. The sport tests your endurance and requires a certain level of fitness.

There are natural rock climbing activities in Himachal Pradesh or in Sikkim. There are places throughout the country where you can engage in indoor rock climbing as well.

6. Hang Gliding

If Love the feeling of fresh air hitting you on the face than hang gliding is probably for you. Well, with hang gliding you can feel the air above a few hundred feet, conquer the skies gliding on them and witness mesmeric views from up above the world.

7. Hiking

In Hiking you’ll explore vast fields, rocky mountains, valleys and more in this adventurous sport, and experience bliss like never before.

8. Rafting

Rafting has now gained mass popularity. Put on your life jackets, throw your boats in the water and let your adrenaline levels soar high.

9. Caving

Caving is an adventure sport that has gained worldwide popularity. The activity takes you through some massive underground structures. Reaching the caves in itself can be an adventure, taking you through green forest and beautiful waterfalls.

10. Desert Camping

Desert camping is still one of the toughest things to get through in the list of adventure sports which tests your level of patience, strength and endurance.

11. Skydiving

Skydiving is a sport which come along with an instructor, who guides you through the entire freefall.

12. Motorcycling Tour

If you are a biker then this adventure activity will surely blow your socks off. A motorcycling tour mixes camaraderie with activity. While organizing a biking tour, you get to select your own routes and get to know fellow bikers.

13. Paragliding

Paragliding is an activity in which you are suspended mid-air, attached to a parachute, and pulled by a boat. And, you will be floating with the wind, above the deep blue sea.

Paragliding gives you an aerial view of the surroundings, lending an entirely new perspective on how you view the place. 

14. Trekking

Trekking is one of the adventure activities especially for those countries blessed with diverse topography and has hillocks, plateaus, mountains and caves that make for excellent trekking destinations.


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