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Joseph Sikora Age, Career, Relationship, Net Worth, and Full Bio

Success is not an easy process and maintaining it after achieving it is more difficult, it requires years of dedication and efforts. Self discipline and self motivation are two most essential habits that ones should develop in order to make their dream comes true.
Here, we will be talking about such personality who struggled a lot for his career and got his dreamed goal and the personality is Joseph Sikora.


Joseph Sikora (born June 27, 1976) is a popular actor. He was born in America. He is mostly recognized for his role in the TV show “Power” as the role of Tommy Egan. He is really popular on social media due to his incredible acting performance. Joseph is widely famous on social media and has been followed by social media fans. Sikora has just over 2.3 million social media followers worldwide.


Joseph Sikora was born in Chicago, Illinois. His father’s name is not known however his mother’s name is Barbara. Joseph also has three siblings all of them being boys. Sikora has a height of 6 ft. 2 inches and weighs about 75 kg. He has blonde color hair and blue color eyes whereas his zodiac sign is Cancer. Regarding education, Joseph attended Notre Dame College Prep. However, growing up he always wanted to become an actor which is why he joined Columbia College Chicago.


In 1990, Joseph Sikora first started their career as an actor in not a movie but a commercial with Basketball legend Michael Jordan. After some decent runs of commercials and jingles, Joseph became a Broadway star in 2006. His first Broadway was titled “The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial”.

However, his acting career came all of sudden, when he appeared on a TV show titled “The New Adam-12”. In the same year, he also got the role in another TV show titled “Judy”. Joseph slowly and surely started appearing on TV shows and movies and built his career on projects such as “The Watcher”, Turks, Early Edition and many more.

Gacy and Normal

Joseph started to his acting versatility in 2003 with the movie titled Gacy and a year later got his big breakthrough with popular actor and Golden Globe award winner Tom Wilkinson in the Golden Globe Award-nominated movie titled ‘Normal”. Wilkinson also praised his acting and suggested he not get nervous and to get into character.

After 2005, Joseph started gaining various roles mostly in TV shows such as “Criminal Minds”, Prison Break, “White Collar’, Greg’s Anatomy, and many more. In 2007 he also played Night Skies. In 2010, Joseph also appeared in a couple of episodes of Law and Order Special Victims Unit. Some of his notable movies are “Shutter Island” and also in the first episode of Body of Proof.

Joseph’s biggest career move was in 2013 when he was the lead actor in the original series titled ” Power”. His latest TV show was in 2020 when he played in Ozark has Frank Cosgrove Jr.


Joseph Sikora

Joseph Sikora is married to his long-time girlfriend name Tanya Sikora. The couple dated from 2010 and after 4 years of dating, they got married in 2014. Joseph likes to keep his personal life really private from everyone which is why it is still unclear if he has any children or not. Due to his private life and secretive demeanor, many of his fans and critics deemed him to be gay however he is happily married and living his life.

Regarding his wife, Tanya it is believed she is a make-up artist and she met Joseph on the set of some shows. She liked the shyness of Joseph despite being the actor and nervously asked him out which Joseph accepted.

Net Worth

Joseph Sikora is really popular and famous actor and model from America. He is one of the most handsome actors in the TV industry and movies. Some of his popular projects are White Collar, Prison Break, Power, and Grey’s Anatomy, and many more. His many sources of income are from a career as an actor and form modeling career. Currently, Joseph Sikora has a net worth estimated to be $3 million as of 2021.


  • Joseph Sikora was born in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Joseph also has three siblings all of them being boys, however, their names are unknown.
  • His first Broadway was titled “The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial”.
  • Joseph Sikora is married to his long-time girlfriend name Tanya Sikora
  • Currently, Joseph Sikora has a net worth of approximately $3 million.

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