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Timothy Hutton Wiki 2021: Age, Height, Career, Relationship and Net Worth

Success is not an easy process and maintaining it after achieving it is more difficult, it requires years of dedication and efforts. Self discipline and self motivation are two most essential habits that ones should develop in order to make their dream comes true.
Here, we will be talking about such personality who struggled a lot for his career and got his dreamed goal and the personality is Timothy Hutton.


Timothy Hutton, (born August 16, 1960) is a popular American actor mainly famous for being the youngest recipient of an Academy Award in the popular movie Ordinary People.

Hutton has since shown up routinely in films and on TV, with starring roles in the titles such as Drama taps (1981), the covert operative film The Falcon and the Snowman (1985), and the thriller The Dark Half (1993), among others. Hutton’s father and mother got separated when he was a little youngster, and he lived with his mom until he was a teenager when he reconnected with his dad, who was an actor Jim Hutton (whose most popular job was the leading character in the 1975–76 TV roles as Ellery Queen). He lived with his dad while going to secondary school in Los Angeles, and acting in a secondary school play stirred his longing for a profession as an actor and entertainer.


Timothy Hutton is a renowned personality in Hollywood. He was born on the 16th of August in 1960 in California. His parents were Jim Hutton (an actor) and Maryline Adams ( a teacher ). It might seem that he has pursued the career since he was small, but the reality is quite different. When he was just 3 yrs old, his parents were not happy with each other so they got divorced. His mother later moved to Cambridge to further her education and give a learning atmosphere to her children, but she did not find it as she had expected so later they moved to Berkeley. Timothy Hutton has a height of 6ft and is 60 years old now. His weight is 76 kilograms.


Timothy Hutton realized he wanted to become an actor when he was performing in his school (Fairfax High School). Later when he found support from both the parents he later built his career in television and films. Hutton’s initial journey began with a television series. Friendly Fire, The Best Place To Be where his initial works. Later Ordinary People, a feature film released in 1980 gave him enormous success, the Academy Award, and the Golden Globe for the role of Best Supporting Actor. He won the Golden Globe award for New Star of the year for his role in Male.

He played major roles in many feature films that presided over later. He then shifted his work from acting to directing casually. His direction of the music video of the hit single “Drive” was very famous. His most notable works are supporting roles in Everybody’s All American, French Kiss, Beautiful Girls. He is also acclaimed for his work as a director in various television series as well.

Hutton, besides acting and film production, seems to have pursuits in other businesses as well. He has ownership over one of the restaurants of New York named P.J Clarks. He has starred in commercials during the Super Bowl in 2011. Although the commercials were taken down later due to public criticism.


Timothy Hutton

Hutton married actress Debra Winger in 1986 and a son Noah who was born a year later. The couple was divorced in 1990. After a decade Hutton married Aurore Giscard D’Esting who was the niece of former French President. In March 2020, Hutton was accused of raping Sewa Johnston when she was 14 years old. Hutton denied all the accusations and instead filed a complaint against Johnston.

Net Worth

Timothy Hutton

Timothy Hutton is a very popular actor and the youngest one to win an Academy Award. He is one of the most respected actors and is looked at as a legend in the Hollywood industry.

Timothy Hutton is an American entertainer and chief who has total assets of $12 million. Timothy Hutton has procured his total assets by acting in films and TV programs like Ordinary People, Friendly Fire, and The Best Place To Be.

Unknown Facts

  • Timothy Hutton is the youngest winner of the Academy Award from “Ordinary People”.
  • He was accused of sexual harassment with a co-star.
  • Hutton has a net worth of approximately $12 million as of 2021.
  • Timothy Hutton also married Debra Winger.

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